The InfoCenter is a .NET application framework developed by Plexus. It includes Security Manager, User Manager, Application Manager, DLP Reader and DLP Writer objects for quickly developing secure Internet, intranet, LAN and WAN applications. 

The InfoCenter framework is designed to handle multiple applications on both local and remote application servers using a common user manager with multiple security levels. InfoCenter applications can be hosted by Plexus as part of our InfoCenter implementation or can be hosted with a full implementation of the InfoCenter at a client site. Plexus is currently developing InfoCenter administrative tools that will allow monitoring traffic flow, application usage, storage size and database usage by application and/or application user.


InfoCenter Applications

Plexus offers off the shelf and customized applications for internet data management and storage services.  An example is the Crane Inspection Service.


Crane Inspection (at left) is one such InfoCenter application developed and hosted by Plexus Data Solutions to assist companies with the scheduling and management of Offshore Crane Inspections in accordance with Department of the Interior Materials Management Service (MMS) requirements.

Clients subscribe for a monthly usage fee and can schedule and record crane inspections in great detail. As part of the software, the user interface incorporates a Facility Manager that allows the addition of offshore oil platforms, cranes, and crane facilities including engines, hydraulic systems, etc. The Scheduler allows crane inspections to be scheduled on a periodic basis (quarterly, annually, etc.) and to be assigned to crane inspectors. Other features include internal, secure Messaging as well as a User Manager, which allows an administrator to assign users, passwords and permissions. Crane Inspection allows companies to maintain offsite records and schedules of crane inspections for recordkeeping and management purposes. Security ranges from standard username/ password to the use of RSA keys.