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Recent Product Releases

Integrity 2004
Version 2004.13.0.1
January 20, 2005
Version 2004.12.0.5
December12, 2004
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   Project Sheriff Spiral 1
     Work has begun on Spiral 1
     to include enhanced video


   LSU Presentations
     PLEXOS presents at LSU


   FBI Presentations
     PLEXOS presents Genesis
     to the FBI at the J. Edgar
     Hoover Facility.

   Hurricane Response
     PLEXOS provides OEPEnable
     software to assist East
     Baton Rouge City Parish
     with Emergency Planning
     and Operations 


   Wolverine Implements
     Wolverine Pipeline chooses
     PLEXOS Integrity for
     Compliance and Integrity      Management.


   ONR USV Project
     PLEXOS is chosen to
     integrate the Unity/Genesis      middleware for an Office of      Naval Research Project

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  Application Development
  Application Hosting
  Database Design
  Data Storage

Application Design and Development
PLEXOS international provides custom application design, development and implementation services for new products, product customization, or legacy code conversion projects. Projects typically begin with the development of a Performance Requirements Specification (PRS), complete with detailed software specifications and timelines for delivery. The PRS becomes the basis for the contracted software delivery and is signed by both PLEXOS international and the client prior to notice to proceed on the project.

A team of experienced programmers (C/C++/ C#/.NET/Java/Assembler/Fortran/Visual Basic), working with source and version control systems, develops all projects. As the software is developed, new versions are created for testing and certification by the PLEXOS international staff and the client. When the software is completed and accepted by the client, bug tracking and fixes are handled by our development team via our IssueManager application on the Internet. As issues are identified and resolved, new releases of the software are created and made available for download in accordance with our support and maintenance agreements.
Application Hosting
Using our own InfoCenter technology, PLEXOS international provides application hosting on the Internet, Intranet, LAN and WAN. The InfoCenter framework provides applications many of pre-built features, including: security, facilities management, reporting, scheduling, secure email, login, and payment processing.

As part of the application hosting service, PLEXOS international will develop the InfoCenter application, often at no additional cost. Payment options include flat monthly fee, percentage of revenues generated, and number of users of the system.

Database Design
PLEXOS international has experience in designing and supporting large scalable databases, including, but not limited to Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and Informix. Database design is accomplish with a focus on data storage optimization, relational integrity, and query performance.

Considerable attention is given to the Data Dictionary and a Data Dictionary Document (DDD) is provided to the client and agreed to before implementing the data structure. As part of the Database Design and Support services, PLEXOS international assists in data conversion and implementation of legacy data into the database by developing custom algorithms and creating data conversion methodologies and Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) procedures.

Data Storage
PLEXOS international provides data integration and storage services including data conversion from digital and hard copy formats. Data can be provided to the client in virtually any database or Geographic Information System (GIS) formats.
PLEXOS international provides in-house staffing to our clients for long-term projects for any of our offered services. Clients have often found it beneficial to utilize our employees full time in their offices to supplement project staff to meet schedules and to have the necessary technical expertise to meet their internal project requirements.
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