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Recent Product Releases

Integrity 2004
Version 2004.13.0.1
January 20, 2005
Version 2004.12.0.5
December12, 2004
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   Project Sheriff Spiral 1
     Work has begun on Spiral 1
     to include enhanced video


   LSU Presentations
     PLEXOS presents at LSU


   FBI Presentations
     PLEXOS presents Genesis
     to the FBI at the J. Edgar
     Hoover Facility.

   Hurricane Response
     PLEXOS provides OEPEnable
     software to assist East
     Baton Rouge City Parish
     with Emergency Planning
     and Operations 


   Wolverine Implements
     Wolverine Pipeline chooses
     PLEXOS Integrity for
     Compliance and Integrity      Management.


   ONR USV Project
     PLEXOS is chosen to
     integrate the Unity/Genesis      middleware for an Office of      Naval Research Project

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  Data Layer Plugin
  Wheels of Zeus
Conceros is software that implements the high performance processes required to deliver and manage real-time two-way communications and information sharing over a packet switched network. Unique to Conceros is the ability to do this in a secure, reliable, policy controlled fashion using any combination of voice, video, and data (of any format) between any desired number of network subscribers and devices. Conceros can be viewed as an "operating system" because it manages all of the resources required to turn a network into an interoperable communications and information-sharing infrastructure.

Conceros includes an extremely powerful rapid development capability that allows information flow problems of any complexity to be solved. Virtually all of the tasks a programmer would have to create to produce a communications and information management solution are implemented in the various object oriented, cross platform, and open standards-based Conceros software libraries. The Conceros architecture has been engineered to be immensely scalable, extensible, and flexible.


Data Layer Plugin
The Data Layer Plugin (DLP) is a stand-alone object with an interface that allows an application to access multiple data sources simultaneously, without the need define the complex relationships between the data in the application. The DLP is optimized for accessing multiple databases across multiple platforms and communication links. Application software is thereby isolated from the actual data structures and sources. Thus, if new data sources are added or if the location of a data source changes, the DLP administrator can modify the DLP database to accommodate those changes. The application is never modified and “sees” only what the DLP administrator wants it to “see”.

The DLP interfaces with virtually all data sources including Oracle, SQL Server, Access, Informix, DB2, PeopleSoft, ESRI GIS, Excel, Text Files and proprietary data formats. Proprietary or other non-structured data formats are handled by developing add-ins within DLP the for those specific data sources. Data which is not in a structured database format can be organized using algorithms that in the specific DLP add-in.

Whitepaper - DLP for Homeland Security
Integrity is a Risk Analysis software package used primarily for analyzing and managing critical infrastructure risk. One such application is to maintain compliance with Federal DOT regulations for oil and gas pipelines. Integrity uses the DLP to connect to multiple data sources and operate on various data structures, allows the user to create Risk Factors and Indexes using the Equation Builder to combine Risk Variables into complex equations for analysis.

Included are ad hoc reporting, graphing and GIS viewing using any combination of data and calculated values, ad hoc graphing to view any combination of Risk Variables, Risk Factors, Factor Indexes, and Calculated Indexes.

Whitepaper - Integrity Risk Analysis
The InfoCenter is a distributed .NET application framework. It includes Security Manager, User Manager, Application Manager, DLP Reader and DLP Writer objects for quickly developing secure Internet, intranet, LAN and WAN applications.

The InfoCenter framework is designed to handle multiple applications on both local and remote application servers using a common user manager with multiple security levels. InfoCenter applications can be hosted by Plexos as part of our InfoCenter implementation or can be hosted with a full implementation of the InfoCenter at a client site. Plexos is currently developing InfoCenter administrative tools that will allow monitoring traffic flow, application usage, storage size and database usage by application and/or application user.

Whitepaper - InfoCenter
Wheels of Zeus (wOz)
wOz has engineered a breakthrough in location technology, fusing the power and range of GPS with the affordability, efficiency and reliability of secure local wireless. With our GPS tags and location system, you can accurately and efficiently pinpoint and determine the status of people or assets.

wOz propriety technology out-performs traditional GPS, as well as RFID and RTLS scanning systems, in a variety of areas. Compare the wOz system with other location technologies. Discover why wOz provides the optimum GPS-enabled solution.

Advanced RFID in Defense Systems Whitepaper
OEPEnable was created to assist Offices of Emergency Preparedness with locating Shelters, Distribution points and other points of interest and recording and reporting information about these points of interest utilizing GIS mapping, Whiteboards, Reports, and Data Import and Export functionality. The software allows for the creation of multiple instances of whiteboards and GIS viewers to assist in the decision making process.

The whiteboard allows the user to place data grids, graphs, drawing shapes, text boxes, and media elements which display information from the database.

OEPEnable Software Description
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