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Lapaz, Bolivia – October 26, 2004 – PLEXOS international, LLC

PLEXOS International, has completed integration of its Data Layer Plugin (DLP) and Integrity Risk Assessment technologies within Transredes. Transredes operates a network of nearly 6,000 kilometers of pipelines transporting natural gas and liquid hydrocarbons (crude petroleum, LPG, surplus refinery products, and condensates). The gas and oil pipeline system passes through 7 departments, more than 80 municipal districts and approximately 450 communities reaching the export markets of Brazil, Chile and Argentina.

Transredes evaluated the Plexus technologies against all other known Risk Analysis packages and selected Plexus based on the functionality and robustness of the system. With the ability of the Data Layer Plugin to access data “where it lives”, the system is able to tap into multiple data sources across network connections without the need for importing or converting data. The flexibility of the system to build complex risk equations from scratch allowed for customized equations to meet the requirements of their risk analysis expert, W. Kent Muhlbauer. As part of the integration effort, a representative from Bolivia trained for four days out of the PLEXOS international, New Orleans office. Integration of the entire Transredes system will be accomplished throughout 2005.