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Houston, Texas – October 1, 2004

PLEXOS international, has completed integration of its Data Layer Plugin (DLP) and Integrity Risk Assessment technologies within ExxonMobil to assist in compliance with the US Department of Transportation, Office of Pipeline Safety (OPS) pipeline integrity rules. The ability of the Data Layer Plugin to attach to SQL Server, the ESRI Spatial Database Engine (SDE), Access and other databases will allow for integration of data “where it lives” without need for import or conversion.

As part of the integration, Plexus trained ExxonMobil personnel onsite in a four day training session. The Integrity Risk Assessment package allowed ExxonMobil to create customized risk equations around its current Risk Management strategy corporate wide. ExxonMobil is managing approximately 12,000 miles of pipeline within the system. The risk system also integrates with the Facilities Management system provided by PLEXOS partner, Coler and Colantonio. With this seamless integration, risk information is presented back to the Coler and Colantonio Intrepid system for plotting and alignment sheet generation.